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The difference between unidirectional wheel and universal wheel

Difference between the unidirectional wheel and universal wheel

what is unidirectional wheel

unidirectional wheels are wheels that can only be pushed in one direction. They are usually relatively strong and not easy to damage, but they can only go forward and backward. It may be inconvenient to move them when turning.

unidirectional wheel

Advantages: Low price, strong and durable
Disadvantage: Only unilateral promotion, inconvenient to use.

what is Universal wheel

Universal wheels can rotate 360 degrees freely. Pushing and pulling on a flat road is more convenient and easy, and they can change the direction of driving at will. When encountering narrow areas, they can push and pull sideways. But if the road surface is not flat and inclined, the pull rod box of universal wheels may run randomly, so when purchasing, they can choose to have brakes.

 Universal wheel

Advantages: flexible rotation, easy to use
Disadvantage: It has limitations on the road surface and is easy to be damaged.

Which wheel is the best choice for luggage?

Universal wheels are more suitable for smooth road surface, pulling up will be very easy, if it is often handled or shipped, it is better to choose unidirectional wheels, because the universal wheels are protruding, easy to bump and damage, if you do not need to consign to choose the universal wheels will be more convenient and labor-saving and the silence effect is better.

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