Backpack customization fabric selection is very important

Backpack customization, fabric selection is very important to the quality of the backpack and the appearance of the version. Many times, some customers fancy a certain style of backpack, and they take the picture to find the backpack customization manufacturer to request customization, even though they don’t know they are fancy What kind of fabric is used for the backpack? When manufacturers ask customers for relevant information, they often don’t know the composition of the fabric, which easily delays the backpack customization process.


Backpack customization, due to different backpack styles, versions, and uses, the choice of fabrics is also very different. Some fabric materials have constraints on the beauty of the bag style, three-dimensional, and lines. For example, a softer backpack needs to be customized. It is not very hand-feel to make it with harder materials, such as a line with lines. Beautiful, three-dimensional backpack, made of soft materials, it is soft and flat, without the three-dimensional effect, it is not very ideal. Therefore, the choice of custom fabrics for backpacks should be determined according to the style of the backpack, the setting effect and the purpose of the backpack


Post time: Jul-29-2021