Briefly describe the custom production process of backpacks


Many people don’t know much about the backpack customization industry, and they think that backpack customization is a very simple thing. Just like making clothes, you can cut out the fabric and sew it. In fact, this is really not the case. For a high-quality customized backpack, the entire production and customization process is still more complicated and cumbersome, at least it is more complicated than ordinary clothing processing, and it is really not as simple as everyone thinks.


Backpack customization, regardless of the style, each backpack has its own unique manufacturing process and processing customization process that cannot be modified at will. If you want to synthesize a complete finished backpack from various raw materials from the beginning, you have to go through multiple production and processing procedures during the period, and each procedure is interlocking. If a certain link goes wrong, the entire production process of backpack customization is bound to suffer. Influence. Generally speaking, the overall process of backpack customization is as follows: material selection -> proofing -> sizing -> material preparation -> cutting die -> picking -> stamping (laser) cutting -> material Sheet printing -> Sewing -> Integrated charter -> Quality inspection -> Packaging -> Shipment.

Post time: Jul-23-2021