Discover the OMASKA® Standard: Commitment to Excellence in Luggage Manufacturing

Discover the OMASKA® Standard: Commitment to Excellence in Luggage Manufacturing

Take a journey to discover what makes OMASKA a well respected luggage factory, where tradition and creativity combine to create travel companions that will accompany you across the world. With a rich history spanning over 25 years, OMASKA began in 1999 and has stayed steadfast in its objective to provide more than just baggage, with a focus on unshakable quality and inventive design.

From the moment the design is conceived to the final product packaging delivery, the raw materials for each suitcase are carefully selected. OMASKA’s expert craftsmen select only high-quality raw materials and shape them into luggage pieces that represent style and durability.

At OMASKA, we believe that true quality cannot rely on machines alone. That’s why every piece of luggage undergoes 100% manual quality inspection. Our skilled inspectors carefully inspect every aspect, from the smallest stitching to the smoothness of the zippers, ensuring every detail meets our high standards.

Luggage inspection equipment

Durability is the basis for evaluating a product. In order to ensure that the products we produce are reliable and durable, OMASKA will conduct random inspections on each batch of goods. Our factory is equipped with cutting-edge testing equipment, subjecting luggage to conditions well beyond typical travel wear and tear. Including 200,000 times telescopic test of the pull rod, durability test of the universal wheel, zipper smoothness test, etc. The same batch can only be delivered offline if it passes all tests. This process ensures that no matter which product you receive, it reflects OMASKA unwavering commitment to quality.

Only after passing every test and inspection with flying colors can OMASKA suitcases accompany you on every journey in any situation. We’re proud to tell you that when you choose OMASKA, you’re choosing a product backed by quality, dedication, and the promise of a safe and stylish travel experience.

In an ever-changing world, let OMASKA be your worry-free companion on your journey. Your travel essentials are protected by luggage of the highest standard, giving you peace of mind.

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