How to choose a suitcase ?

How to choose a suitcase ?

First of all, let’s talk about the trolley case: of course, the trolley must be built-in, and the material must be steel (external trolley and wheels must not be able to adapt to the barbaric loading and unloading of various flights nowadays)!

The box body must have a steel frame, and the fabric is best It is rain-proof, and the particle size of the material is better. Because it is more wear-resistant, the wheels must be built-in. (By the way, many boxes are equipped with four wheels that can be turned and can be checked in. The box must not use such wheels, because there are too many exposed on the outside, so it is easy to fall off) The material of the wheel is of course rubber, and the lower the sound when it is pulled on the ground, the better.

The zipper is also very important, but it is not necessarily The bigger the better, it depends on the materials and the feel of the pull down! In fact, the box is also very simple, and other things are not very important. It depends on your own preferences for things like suit bags or high-rises!

Now the product our factory recommends is 8014# nylon luggage, with good quality and high cost performance, you can also customize the logo.


Post time: Nov-18-2021

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