What should I pay attention to when customizing school backpack bags?

What should I pay attention to when customizing school backpack bags?

1. Pay attention to clarify School backpack customization requirements first     

The customization party first clarifies its own schoolbag customization requirements, such as the basic customization requirements such as the color, style, fabric, size, customization quantity, and customized budget range of the schoolbag customization. First, these customization requirements are determined, and the customization party has a clear customization goal. When looking for a schoolbag factory and conducting specific communication with the manufacturer, there is no need to ask three questions. Because of the above-mentioned customization requirements, the manufacturer also has to inquire the customization party in detail. Only when the customization requirements of the customization party are fully understood, can the schoolbag factory provide the customization party with a more complete schoolbag customization program.IMG_7776

2Be careful to avoid the temptation of low prices

The unavoidable topic of custom-made schoolbags is custom-made prices, and the reason why everyone should pay attention to avoid the temptation of low prices is because if the custom-made schoolbag prices are too low, it is very likely that quality problems will occur. Schoolbags are basically used by elementary and middle school students. For the health of children, in addition to environmental protection performance standards, the quality of schoolbags cannot be ignored. Schoolbag customization includes raw material costs, production and processing costs, pattern printing costs, manufacturer profits, and shipping costs. Calculate a series of expenses such as taxes, fees, etc., a schoolbag of qualified quality and environmental protection standards, in today’s society, the price will not be particularly cheap, mass customization, basically need to be dozens of dollars or more price. Therefore, for those schoolbags that the manufacturers offer at a few dollars or more than a dozen dollars, everyone should think about why the price is so cheap, whether there are problems with the material, workmanship, etc., so as not to customize products with very poor quality , Smashed his own sign.


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