Why 12 PCS set SEMI FINISHED luggage is very hot selling at 2022 ?

Due to the epidemic, sea freight rates remain high. This is a heavy burden for every international buyer. The high shipping cost leads to the relatively high price of the product, which is the lack of competitiveness of the product in the market.


In order to effectively reduce the impact of sea freight on product prices, our factory has developed a semi-finished product business. At present, our factory has semi-finished cloth boxes, semi-finished ABS trolley cases, and semi-finished PP trolley cases.

Semi-finished soft luggage, 1x40HQ container can hold about 3600-4200 suitcases. You can make a 3 piece set (20″24″28″) or a 4 piece set (20″24″28″32″). We also have 18″20″23″25″28″30″  6 pcs set soft luggage.

Semi-finished ABS trolley case 12 pcs set (18″19″20″21″22″23″24″25″26″27″28″29″), 1x40HQ container can hold 420sets. We have dozens of styles to choose from.

Semi-finished PP trolley case 12 pcs set (19″20″21″22″23″24″25″26″27″28″29″30″), 1x40HQ container can hold 420sets. We have 4 styles to choose from.

Now semi-finished products are very hot in the market. If you have your own workers and your own warehouse, then buying semi-finished suitcases will be a good choice.

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Post time: May-01-2022