Why does the Backpack factory charge a sample fee?

Why does the Backpack factory charge a sample fee?

Many Backpack factories charge a certain amount of proofing fee based on the current proofing cost before helping customers make physical samples. Many customers do not understand this. “Why do you charge a sample fee?”, “Isn’t proofing free?”, “I will definitely place an order in the later period, and will I still charge for the sample?” and other questions about the sample fee.China backpack factory

The luggage factory produces physical samples. Regardless of the labor costs of the shop staff, material purchasers, and turners of the luggage factory, the fabrics, linings, zippers, fasteners, hardware accessories and other materials required for the production of the samples all need luggage and bags. The factory sends people to the market to purchase. The luggage factory itself does not produce these materials. The purchase of these materials requires real money to buy. In the proofing stage, most customers will not directly hand over the order to the factory. They will only officially deliver the order to the factory after the actual sample is completed and the sample is satisfied. Therefore, before receiving the customer’s order, if the manufacturer does not charge a certain proofing fee, then the cost of proofing must be borne by itself. If the customer gets the physical sample but does not place the order, the manufacturer does not make money by relying on the order. Instead, you have to pay a certain amount of proofing costs, and you will lose money. In other words, in order to show the sincerity of cooperation, manufacturers can ignore the labor cost of their own workers, but before the order is received and the corresponding order profit is not generated, just in case, the procurement cost of proofing materials must be kept. Therefore, in order to protect their own interests, manufacturers will charge a certain amount of proofing fee before proofing.

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